The importance of thoughts.

Millions of thoughts go through our mind every day. When we are working, operating, driving, talking to other folks, even when asleep -our head is full of thoughts, most of the time. Almost all of these are reactive, thoughts that pop up as a reaction to what is happening around us. We let these thoughts lose in our brains, swivelling around sometimes in and out like a fleeting passerby and sometimes dwelling on them for hours, either attached with regrets from past or planning our future moves.

Can we control our thoughts ? Can we monitor them? What goes through our head consciously or sub-conscioulsly, eventually, determines our destiny. That is a fact. There is a lot to be said about monitoring one’s thoughts. Just stand back and monitor what you are thinking. Weird concept? its not. Its practice, just like anything else. You will get good at monitoring your own thoughts with time. It will teach you how to stay in the present- yes the old cliche of staying in the moment! Thats what it is all about.

What is going through our minds all the time? Thoughts are primarily either positive or negative. Thoughts of love, ambition, peace, harmony, joy, motivation, faith and happiness are positive thoughts. Regrets, anger, hurt, failure, fear, despair, grudge and hatred are negative feelings. Are your thoughts mainly based on whats happening in your life? If this is the case, remember life is not happening to you- its responding to you. Life is responding to your thoughts and not the other way around. Change your thought to thoughts of positivity and your life will start changing, just like that!

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