Intuition or intelligence? Where do we draw the line? Suhail Anwar

In my recent blog we talked about goal setting. We rely on our intelligence to plan our lives. Compared to other life forms, we are bestowed with the gift of intellect- we figure things out, that’s what we do. In this modern world, success demands immaculate planning and careful mapping of the future. We rely heavily on our sensory perceptions and memory to process data in order to learn from the past and plan our futures – so much so that sometimes we just forget to live in the present.

Intuition is a gift of the soul. It’s the unadulterated part of you that is separate from intellect. Intuition is the mind behind the brain, the “I” behind the flesh and bones. Intuition keeps you calm, it allays anxiety and keeps you in the present. Just like all mental skills, intuition has to be developed and enhanced. To have faith in the goodness of the universe is the first step. To believe in the oneness of universe, the oneness of human kind is the main building block of an intuitive mind. An overload of intellect is sometimes at loggerheads with intuition. Intellect emphasises on planning, goal-setting and meeting deadlines. Intuitive decisions, on the contrary emphasise on faith, belief and trust in the supernatural. Its about relinquishing control from self to God, letting go of the pressures and saying focused on the present pleasures of life.

Be grateful for what you have got – trust in the universal power and have faith in your intuitive decisions.

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