The thing we call stress! by Suhail Anwar

The dictionary definition of stress is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”. My definition of stress is ” a state of unhappiness with self or circumstances leading to mental strain resulting in physical manifestations”.

You see there is a subtle difference: the difference is about taking responsibility. You are responsible for your own happiness and mood. The way we perceive the world, our family, friends, job, health, money, career and life in general, affects how the world responds back. A neurotic behaviour of suspicion, jealousy, keeping grudges and trying to control others breeds negative vibes effecting the physical and spiritual self. An attitude of calmness, friendliness, forgiveness and trust “raises the spirit” metaphorically and literally.

We have to have the willingness to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Giving others the power to control our mood and actions leads to a neurotic behaviour. Stress comes from within- not outside. Faith, gratitude, deeds of kindness and love  for all, allows you to “respond with ability”. Our circumstances are a product of our thoughts. The source of stress is located within you- nurture an attitude of love and faith, its the ultimate stress buster.