Separation and alignment?The concept of oneness. by Suhail Anwar

On a micro-molecular level all things, living and non living, are made of the same stuff. Though science is still dissecting these nano particles, when we do eventually break the smallest particle what do you think we will find?

Oneness of the universe and all that exists in it, is crucial to the under standing of the positive energy that flows through us ,and all that exists in this universe. The deep rooted belief that we are connected to all and all is connected to us,  brings abundance and richness in our lives. The concept of separation from others, people or the universe, introduces the need for judgement. When you judge others you define yourself, not them.

Separation is introduced at a very early stage into our lives, “them vs. us”, “dog eat dog world”, ” a bite of a cherry” are some of the “survival skills” deemed essential for progress and competition.

To belief in the oneness of the universe is fundamental in aligning yourself to receive all the goodness the universe has to offer. Try not to judge others, its not always easy , but it works.


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