Desires, visualisation and knowing. Suhail Anwar

We all have desires and dreams. We wish and dream about a better life, more money, a nicer house, a better body, a dream partner, the career of our choice and umpteen holidays. There is actually a small percentage of people in this world that have it all, and more. So why is it that some have it and others don’t?

It might be a little bit of a challenge to explain this in a small blog but if I was pushed to summarise it, I would say, eradicate fear-fear is the enemy, and it will all be yours. To manifest your dreams you have to promote those dreams to a level of visualisation and eventually a deep knowing that all is within your grasp. The biggest hurdle between these stages is the fear of failure,  the fear of unknown,  the fear of being ridiculed  by family, friends, and the world in general. The “safe play strategy”, “the conservative approach” is essentially a fear of failure. Waiting for the perfect moment (there is no such thing) is merely procrstination. Unlimited abundance will evade you unless you relentlessly pursue your dreams with passion and a deep faith in the universe.

An honest passion with integrity, a desire to serve eventually, a non-competitive behaviour and perpetual gratitude with an always giving and not demanding attitude has to be a part of your personality to solidify your trust in this universe which eventually leads of the deep knowing and manifestations of our dreams. Don’t let your circumstances dictate your  life story, write it yourself and you will be bestowed with riches beyond your wildest imagination.

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