The voice in the head- friend or foe?

How often do you talk to yourself? That voice in your head – the one that thinks about the past, plans for the future, the one that gives you advice, judges people, compares you to others, reviews situations, forms opinions and is very busy in analysing and interpreting life. Almost all the time, I think, for most people anyway.

This voice in our head is the voice of our conditioned subconscious mind. The conditioning that we receive from our parents, education, media and society in general. This becomes part of our subconscious mind, the part of our brain that control our behaviour without us thinking about it. A bit like driving, where we go through the motions without really consciously thinking  about what we are doing.

To free your mind from this inner voice is the definition of true liberation- its the path to freedom and enlightenment. Its what “living in the moment” is all about. You can free your mind by being an observer of this inner voice. Catch yourself when comparing, judging, criticising, analysing, regretting, being ungrateful, sad, fearful and anxious. With practice you will identify the triggers the incite these feelings. Replace these with gratitude, kindness, empathy, a non-judgmental behaviour, trust, faith, integrity and love. Remember your thoughts create your feelings. Learn and practice to feel good and the inner voice will slowly perish leaving you alone to live and enjoy everyday as it comes.

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