Stop waiting and start living. Suhail Anwar

Are you waiting for the upcoming holiday to have a great time? are you still waiting for that opportunity to come along  so you can have your dream job? or is the next big house, as soon as this one is sold, that will surely make you happy? What about waiting for the companion that will make you feel fulfilled? still waiting to achieve that six pack or weight loss that will give you your long lost confidence? wait till the weather is good before you can enjoy? wait till you have enough money to buy what you want?

Waiting is a disease, a curse of the sub-consciouteous mind. This is the part of your mind  that is always trying to solve problems, always striving to take over, always planning and scheming for promise of a better future. If you are actively monitoring your thoughts  you will realise that living in the future is all we do most of the time. Future actually doesn’t exist; the only thing that is real is the present moment. That is all we have got, to surrender to the present, to accept “WHAT IS” is the essence of living in the moment.

Nothing wrong with knowing the general direction of your life. We have to do what needs to be done, to get to where we want to go. This is, however quite different from obsessing over future events so much so that we forget to live in the present and enjoy everything that we have in this moment. Living in the moment means to accept the present, be grateful and content. This is not the same as being non ambitious- ambitions are good as long as they don’t deter you from living in the present. Always striving and never arriving … is not a good state to be in. Just surrender to the present moment and you will experience real peace.




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