Destination Addiction- withdrawal symptoms and cure!

Most of us spent our time, sometime our whole lives, under the influence of destination addiction. Trying to get somewhere constantly- mostly a goal in future, where happiness lies.  A place where we will be “complete”, ” wholesome”, and happy. This could be a job, partner, house, holiday, status or position. The obsession to attain a goal and the subsequent drive removes us from the present moment and replaces this with the future. A future that does not exist. The only moment in time that ever exists, is the present moment, the rest is past and future.

Such is the pull of this addiction that our judgment is completely clouded. Our days are spent in a state of ” unconscious” – not literal but mental and spiritual. There is a list of tasks to be accomplished by the end of each day, week and month. The beauty of the present moment is lost, the feeling of being truly alive is taken over by the anxiety about future.

Don’t confuse working towards achieving  “your true calling” with goal obsession. The later could be very short term as well. Thinking about tomorrow, obsessing over holiday planning, anxiety about the next job etc. etc.

True gratitude for what you have, keep you grounded. Its keeps you present and free to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. This is  very difficult to practice when adversity hits you- as I recently experienced. Do what you have to do to resolve your issues without truly getting embroiled,  and if and when you can’t do anything more, be grateful and get back in the present moment.

Diabolically the less you try to chase goals and stay in the present moment the more you will achieve with  true contentment and happiness.



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